Energy Reduction
LED Lighting
LED lighting solutions are highly efficient, long-lasting, and the definitive technology for replacing aging commercial lighting systems. LEDs make it easy and affordable to improve your lighting environment while driving down utility and maintenance costs.

What is so Special About a Light Emitting Diode (LED)?

LEDs emit light in a specific direction. This reduces the need for light trapping reflectors and diffusers.
LEDs emit very little heat compared to the 90% released by incandescent bulbs and 80% released by compact fluorescent lights7.
LEDs don’t typically “burn out” but rather experience lumen depreciation. This is the amount the light’s brightness dims over time. The lifetime of an LED is determined by when the light output decreases by 30%8.
Qualified commercial LEDs last at least 35 times longer than incandescent lights and use at least 75% less energy8.

What Does This Mean for our Customers?

Reduce annual lighting costs by about 60%
Reduce overall energy expenses by about 16%
Reduce heat load and wear and tear on HVAC and refrigeration systems
Increase curb appeal, safety, and employee productivity

Quality + Color

LED light is closer to natural sunlight than fluorescent or HID bulbs. While conventional lights may start off nice and bright, they quickly wear down and produce a yellowish or flickering glow. LEDs actually render color better and provide excellent 3D contrast.

Because LEDs are directional, they only shed light on the objects that need illumination. This means no more wasted light. With conventional lighting, the light is directed with reflectors and diffusers which trap the light, preventing half the light from leaving the fixture.

LEDs will also dim smoothly, without affecting the lifetime of the fixture. Unlike conventional lighting, dimming an LED will not decrease the bulb’s lifetime or increase maintenance costs.

Lg - BT Rand - After

See the LED Difference


Reduced heat output decreases strain on HVAC system.


Directional design only sheds light where it’s needed.

50,000-100,000 HOUR BULB LIFE

12-20 years of maintenance-free lighting.

Warehouse Cuts Lighting Energy Use by 81%

Upgrade Reduces Annual Energy Costs by Approx. $25,000

Showroom Sees 1.2yr Payback with LEDs

Complete Upgrade Qualifies for $110,000 tax deduction

Buildings with longer operating hours will see the greatest financial benefit from an LED retrofit. Industrial and Commercial customers can expect payback in 1-3 years.

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