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What if we could provide industries new clean energy technology, with life-cycles significantly longer than traditional equipment, without sacrificing the business mandate to make a profit?

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Are you skeptical, maybe a little cynical from prior experiences? EnerG3 calculator has been underwritten by a “Global 10” insurance carrier that will put more than just our promise into a guarantee. If our solutions under-perform, there is an insurance policy available for the skeptic.

Who Invests in Energy Efficiency Solutions and more importantly, Why?



There is greater engagement in sustainability and conservation in certain business segments than others, illustrated in the graph. Percent of respondents indicating sustainability/conservation was important or very important when asked ”How important would you say sustainability and/or conservation is to your company or organization as operating, capital improvement, construction and purchasing/supply chain decisions are made?”6



Just because organizations value certain traits does not mean they execute on these values. For those businesses that decide to make energy efficiency investments, they do so for many reasons and like individuals, these rationales change over time. When asked the top reasons that their organization (or client) is focused on “sustainability and/or conservation,” the business mandate of making a profit or reducing expenses was the top response. However, notably, in recent years the percentage of respondents citing energy and cost savings has declined, while the percentage in other reasoning has increased. These results are shown in the figure.6

EnerG3 is vendor and product neutral

We guarantee your business objectivity in the energy management solution proposed. In addition, we investigate and secure all available incentives to improve the financial return on the project. What we seek are credit worthy products where the manufacturers have a sustainable history of keeping their promises.

EnerG3 targets solutions that produce a 20% return on capital or greater for all client projects, unless they inform us otherwise. Financial concerns are both the benefit of and the barrier to upgrading energy efficiency.

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