Industries EnerG3 Serves

What if we could provide industries new clean energy technology, with life-cycles significantly longer than traditional equipment, without sacrificing the business mandate to make a profit?

Why Invest in Sustainable Energy Solutions?

Industries that choose to make energy efficient investments do so for a number of reasons, and just like individuals, these rationales are changing and adapting from year to year.

Energy Efficiency Looks Different in Every Industry

Every business has different needs, which means that every solution EnerG3 proposes is unique. Want some examples? Check out our Case Studies to see a wide variety of successful solutions for making the transition to sustainable energy.

EnerG3 is vendor and product neutral

EnerG3 does not push any specific solution or brand of solution. We learn about your operations and goals before we consider the solutions that would benefit you the most. In addition, we investigate and secure all available incentives to improve the financial return on the project. What we seek are credit worthy products where the manufacturers have a sustainable history of keeping their promises.

EnerG3 targets solutions that produce a 20% return on capital or greater for all client projects, unless they inform us otherwise. Financial concerns are both the benefit of and the barrier to upgrading energy efficiency.

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