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Green Certifications

BREEAM Certification

Since launching in 1990, BREEAM has upheld their commitment to helping clients manage and mitigate risk. This is demonstrated by the clients’ performance during planning, design, construction, operation or refurbishment. These efforts maximize returns through market value and attract tenants to your property.

• Recieve and validate the sustainability value of your assets
• Internationally recognized and robust standard
• Independently certified and adaptable to all regions

EnergyStar Certification

Let EnerG3 help your building become ENERGY STAR certified! We systematically analyze your facility’s utility information, usage, space type, and building history using an EPA certified benchmarking platform. EnerG3 will help your company implement the required changes in your utility usage to save money, time, and the environment all at once.

Buildings that become ENERGY STAR certified consume 35% less energy and have operating costs that are 50 cents lower per square foot, compared to buildings that are not.

Building occupancy rates increase and the savings generated from lower energy bills provide a higher property value.
ENERGY STAR maintains high consumer awareness at 87%, with consumers demonstrating a high degree of positive associations with, and understanding of the brand and its intent.

Join the trend. Let EnerG3 help you to enter the elite club of high performance, planet-friendly facilities that earn their keep. It pays to belong!

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