About ENERG3

How do I measure success? How do I manage my energy costs?

EnerG3 believes that, in solving others commercial and industrial energy problems, we can create equal value for our employees, customers, and shareholders. This strategy is driven by the phrase, what is “measured is improved and controlled”, a process of transparency and integrity. That is why our energy management services are a continuous life cycle of optimizing your energy strategy and ensuring savings. Our services can be used for small to medium size manufacture or commercial sites, to unusual microgrids systems for coop-utility communities, and even small nations.

The Energy Management LifeCycle

What is my Strategy?

Identify / Define: This can be as simple as a statement of work to an entire corporate strategy. EnerG3 begins where you are and provides outside perspectives from a host of experience in this sector of knowledge.

How do I Buy?

Our experts determine if electricity, alternative energy, storage, or natural gas pricing is the best cost for the application based on current markets and environmental conditions.

How do I Control?

We can provide equipment and software to continuously monitor energy use, measure and verify! Costs often occur in demand and time of use premium charges, but these often can be managed and utilized more effectively.

How do I Optimize?

Every dollar saved on energy and resources increases disposable income to spend or reinvest in your business or organization. Typically, reduced prices lead to growth and more satisfied customers and a more sustainable environment for our communities.

How am I Performing?

Being able to report progress allows you to know if you are meeting your goals of the strategy defined. This allows growth.

Leadership Team

Daniel LeVan | Managing Director

Dan has been a CEO and CFO with four top global companies, including AIG Central Europe, AEGON Asia, and GE Capital. He has most recently acted as Managing Director and Chairman of TD Bank in the Caribbean. Dan received his MBA with emphasis in International Finance from DePaul University in Chicago, graduating with distinction. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), maintaining ten other financial certifications and has a B.S. in Accounting and Business. Dan brings a global perspective to project financing, having worked on six continents and operating at the highest level.

Hubert van der Harst | Chief Engineering Officer

Hubert has extensive experience on five continents in operations, systems engineering, product management, and business development, working for major corporations in Africa, the Netherlands and the US. Hubert has consulted on operations for the largest state-owned employer in the Bahamas and provided technical project support throughout the Americas for major system implementations in the energy and telecommunications industries.

Michael D. Grimes | Chief Financial Officer

Michael holds two Canadian professional designations, being a Certified Public Accountant CPA, CGA and a Certified Chartered Secretary ACIS. Prior to being managing partner of his own accounting firm, he held senior positions at two of the big four accounting firms, namely Coopers & Lybrand now Pricewaterhousecoopers and KPMG. As a big four auditor he worked with many public companies in Barbados and throughout the region and many Fortune 500 International Companies which used Barbados as their home base. Michael likes to give back to society and spends considerable time working with prisoners and drug addicts in Teen Challenge.

Our Values


To ensure our recommendations and solutions deliver maximum results, it’s imperative we develop a deep understanding of our client’s challenges. We work as an integrated company to provide a streamlined solution that meets our customers’ financial and utility needs.


Successful energy management requires using our resources wisely to provide technical excellence, quality, service, and long-term value. Embracing teamwork and improving our process continuously removes barriers that inhibit excellence. Our team is always looking to learn and grow technically and experientially.


We value flexibility and adaptability to stay ahead in a changing energy landscape, and our customers are a valuable guide when determining when and how to expand our portfolio. Innovation is more than the latest and greatest; it means delivering the latest with the greatest result.


We evolve by frequently evaluating whether our execution is aligning with EnerG3 ideals and values. We seek continuous improvement and strive to build and maintain organizational capabilities today that businesses will need tomorrow.

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