sustain financially

Where Sustainability Makes Financial Sense

EnerG3 is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Company that is committed to finding sustainability solutions that are unique for your business operations and financial goals.


Where energy efficiency implementation commands increased bottom line profits.

EnerG3 develops energy projects in the industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors, that reduce operating expense with affordable efficiency and onsite power generation solutions. Not only do we consult, design, engineer, procure, and construct, but we also approach sustainability projects from a strong financial position and assist our customers with obtaining “free” capital in the form of federal and local incentives.

We are backed by a “Top 5” global insurance company and offer an implementation specific performance guarantee for all of our projects. Most projects have a 20% return on capital as a minimal but often reach significantly greater returns. As a vendor and product neutral contractor, we are very flexible when it comes to what is right for our customers!  

Increase Sustainability. Increase Profitability.

Not only do our solutions help reduce energy consumption, they make financial sense.  

We Take the Fear out of Financing.

The EnerG3 team will make sure you take advantage of the financial incentives in place to help finance your project .


We learn about your business, your process, and your energy goals. Don’t have any goals? We can show you where to start!



Using your data, our experts develop a detailed energy savings plan that meets your energy and financial goals.


EnerG3 manages the entire implementation process for all recommended solutions.


We work alongside you to ensure the solutions are deployed properly and are producing the expected savings. Our monitoring solutions help you see real time results as well as the potential to save more money.

“They earned the business by doing the evaluations and helping us see what options would work best. Those options allowed us to accomplish our personal and corporate goals.”

Robert Kwasnik

President & Owner, Dunlap Industries

"The energy savings lined up with their projections, the lighting on our sales floor is significantly better than before, and the solar offsets much of the electrical bill. The quality of workmanship was exceptional."

Tim Kelly

Subaru and Honda Dealerships

"With an exceptional ROI, this lighting retrofit is expected to achieve a payback in just under one year. Electricity usage is expected to be reduced by over 60% and the market value of the property has increased."

Steve Hunt

Berry & Hunt